Here are some articles that have featured us and our work …


2017, October 12:  Introducing a series of business podcasts including interview with Davina Stanley,

2017, October 9: Davina Stanley – Can communication be thought of as a science?,

2017, September 29: – Structured Thinking 101 interview with David Wolf of

2017, September 28: John Stanley and Garry Linnel, Interview about the So What Strategy, Talking Lifestyle 2UE

2017, September 26: Adam Zuchetti, Communication Fails a recipe for disaster: Poor communication is an increasingly costly problem for businesses large and small, alienating both prospective customers and internal employees My Business online magazine.

2017, September 21: Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles, 3 ways to answer the hardest question in business, Business Woman Media

2017, September 16: Libby-Jane Charlestone, How to get better at communication in the office, Huffington Post

2017, September 12: Gerard Castles and Davina Stanley The secret weapon of the great lawyer-communicators. Legal Practice Intelligence

2017, September 1: Sarah McIntyre, Why content marketing gets a bad rap. Bright Inbound Marketing